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    Lazar Finker is a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Forum Capital Group. A leader in both community and business, Lazar emigrated from Russia in 1991, where he had previously established the country's first community college. Still passionate about academia in the United States, he taught at Florida Community College as a visiting professor.


    Later, Lazar Finker, along with his wife, Raissa Frenkel, decided to use their collective expertise to move into the energy sector. They made a name for themselves by establishing trade in European countries. After this venture, Lazar and Raissa decided to refocus on domestic investments.


    Lazar Finker and Raissa Frenkel now own and operate Forum Capital Group, a private equity firm specializing in real estate and seafood. They have also dedicated themselves to a number of philanthropic pursuits, such as education, medical research, and children's welfare through the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation. The Foundation was created with the intention of bringing like-minded entrepreneurs together to contribute to similar causes, including religious development, child welfare, and medical research. The couple resides in Jacksonville, Florida, though they are often traveling.

    Professional Overview

    Lazar Finker's professional portfolio, covering professional lifestyle and career development. Lazar's extensive business experience has contributed much to his knowledge on finance, recruitment, and professional leadership. Lazar also updates his philanthropy blog concerning updates to the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation and its partners.

  • The Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation

    Lazar Finker grew up as part of a family of humble means in Russia. From his roots, he learned the spirit of generosity and listening to the needs of others. To him, giving wasn't just something to be done when convenient—it was a lifestyle. This philosophy is what spurred him to cofound the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation with his wife, Raissa. The couple wished to impart their values onto their sons Eugene and Steven and their community.

    The Foundation's Mission

    The Foundation was envisioned as an organization that would instill a desire to give in others and extend help to those in need regardless of race or religion. Through their efforts, Lazar and Raissa have gained a close-knit community of philanthropists with a shared desire to change the world through charity. Through shared accountability and a commitment to a variety of causes, the organization looks to make measured progress and helps sponsor more philanthropic initiatives every year.


    At this time, the Foundation supports the fields of medical research, child welfare, religious development, and education. They look to pair organizations in need with those able to provide help—a pursuit aided by Lazar's involvement in his Jacksonville community. The Foundation looks to find the most impactful avenues for assisting with organizations, identifying needs and updating their approach with new developments. They collaborate with other like-minded organizations in pursuit of their goals, many of whom have long-standing partnerships with the organization.


    To learn more about the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation, visit them at legacyf.com.

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